Because we film, because we shoot, because we write.

We shoot, edit, write, direct and produce everything you see here and on our Youtube channel.

We believe that you can have the best gear or software that money can buy, but if you can’t tell a good story… you've got nothing.

We tell stories in an engaging way, always striving to create something stylistic, timeless, and talked-about. Check out our work and if you dig our style, let us bring the same energy and creativity to your project or brand.

Services we Provide:

  • Videography -  Once just a hobby to document our adventures and create 'life souvenirs', together we found a passion in sharing the ups and downs of traveling full-time. We eat, breathe and film. From concept to completion, we can shoot, write a script and execute. See our visual portfolio.

  • Video Editing - Have all the footage but need all the pieces of the puzzle put together in an awesome way? Give it to us!

  • Photography - Lynn has received many accolades for her photography over the years and most recently a nod from VSCO as one of the "Unknown Travel Photographers you should be following right now" - Less talk, more show? See the visual portfolio.

  • Freelance Writing - After 2 years of travel with no end in sight, we're full of stories from the beautiful to the downright bizarre. If you need an honest experience in writing or a beautiful photo essay - look no further!

  • Brand Ambassadors - We're looking for fun, creative and adventurous brands to partner with that share in our goal of providing entertainment, value and inspiration to others. 

  • Voice-over Narration - Lynn has been called the female Barry White. Let her narrate your next project with her sultry lady voice. 

  • Public Speaking engagements - We have a lot to talk about: Travel, Taking Risks in Life, Being Debt Free,  How to Inspire Others by Less Talking and More Doing, The Art of Story Telling & Travel Videography, Following your Passions, Beard Maintenance on the Road. See? A LOT!

As Featured in:

"Ok, but what if we do this instead?" - Noah leads the way in out of the box thinking 

"Let's do this thing!" - Lynn is always ready for a challenge

We're ready. You ready?

What are you waiting for? Let's make something amazing together!


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