Your insatiable curiosity and desire to not conform are all the ingredients you'll need to have yourself an adventure. This is your first step towards breaking all the rules and I wrote this LIFESTYLE REDESIGN AND TRAVEL RESOURCE GUIDE specifically with you in mind.

I hope it helps you the way it helped us. Good Luck! 

"BUT WAIT! THERE'S MORE!" - Billy Mays 

If you’ve seen this video, then you know that we’re not bank rolled by family, or have a bajillion dollars in some off-shore account. We’re just two people from Tacoma, WA that took a chance and clicked on that "DON'T CLICK" button of life. A move people still consider us crazy for doing.

While out here taking this "risk", we found a love for creating (photography + videography) and knew right then, that we had to share both the world, and the "how we did it" with you. So, we’re using up all our savings to keep the dream alive, but the reality is that it comes from a finite pool and once it’s gone… it’s gone. 

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