"If you want to know where your heart is, look where your mind goes when it wanders." - Anonymous


In 2011 we knew there wasn’t something quite right and yet we couldn’t put our finger on it…

Not everyone feels this way and that’s completely fine, but if you’re like us and feel that something about your path feels “off”  then maybe it’s time to start asking yourself some questions. For us, the first step into this whole journey was defining what we really wanted out of this life. Not what someone told us to have or use their lifestyle as a template to our own, but define what we (Noah and Lynn Camp) really wanted for ourselves. The answer to that question was: Freedom. Freedom to pursue our passions and indulge in new ones, freedom to spend time together both in quality and quantity. Freedom from the standard 2 weeks of vacation time and freedom from being 65+ before we explore the other 95% of our world. In order to make this a reality, we had to make the mental shift from living to work and obtain material goods (which doesn’t light our fire), to working to have time for new life experiences (which we can’t extinguish).

If all this sounds like stupid hippie bullshit and you don’t know what I’m talking about then this isn’t for you… but…if you do understand what I mean, then just know that you’re not alone. If you’re thinking about making the break, whether it be long term travel or just picking up a dream you put down long ago, then here are some resources we personally tapped into that got us to where we are today. We hope it helps you in your unique journey, just as it’s helped us in ours. Lastly, we’re no travel experts but we’re passionate about what we’re doing so if you’re so inclined, feel free to ask us anything. Got an excuse? We’ve got you covered!

Want to find out EXACTLY how we saved our money? We break it all down here!

We hope to see you on the road!


It’s important to know that 1) you’re not crazy and 2) that this is possible. You need to know early on that not everyone will be happy for you or even understand what the hell you’re doing so it’s important to seek out others who have done it or are thinking about taking the leap to travel long term like you. This is why it’s important to seek a like minded community and lucky for you… it’s HUGE and growing everyday!

Travel blogs. if you haven’t already, check out the blogs we love (listed below) and read their stories, we’ve found the blogger community to be extremely helpful and they have all answered every single question we’ve ever had. It’s a great group of people that want nothing more than to help you reach your own goals. To find more blogs or people in the travel community Google some of these buzzwords: digital nomad, vagabond, career break, independent travel, budget travel, long term travel, RTW travel, gap year.

Bootsnall. this website is all encompassing if you want a one-stop shop for everything RTW (round the world) travel. There’s forums, to-do lists, stories, itineraries and everything in between. If the goal is to do exactly what we’re doing now then look no further, this is your meat n’ potatoes.

Meet. Plan. Go. this website is chock full of travel resources and meetups with like-minded peoples. There is also a yearly national meet-up in 10 cities that we highly recommend as you meet with a group of panelist that have already been on their trip and you can ask them any question in a really relaxed atmosphere  Basically, you meet, you plan and then you uh… go. Check it out!

Meet, Plan, Go in Seattle: October 16, 2012. Guess where we are!

Meet, Plan, Go in Seattle: October 16, 2012. Guess where we are!

To-Do Lists

Love lists? Me too! Well, sometimes. I have lists within lists and I tend to get overwhelmed but if you can handle your “to-do’s” then here’s some RTW (round the world) resources for every single thing you need to know to make this dream happen! Because these awesome people did all the work up front, I’m just going to get lazy with it and post the links here… thanks guys!

Nomadic Matt: How to get started 

Legal Nomads: World Travel Resources

So Many Places: Biggest, baddest RTW to-do list 


I won’t pretend that money doesn’t matter because without it, we wouldn’t be traveling, but having a hefty goal like this changes your relationship with money and how you view it from now on. We worked hard to budget and save, but now we’re going to make our money work double time for us. My father in law said it best,”money is your life essence in storage.” Me and Noah aren’t people of fancy tastes, but let’s face it… the United States is crazy expensive! So, we’re taking our “life essence” and choosing to go to places where our money stretches much further so here are a few real-life scenarios to get you started:

A Little Adrift: My RTW travel budget

BootsnAll: 12 real costs of the RTW travel 

Always Twirling: Daily numbers by each country 

Jack & Jill: RTW trip costs revisited (with additional links to other budgets) 

So Many Places: Determining our RTW budget (with additional links to other budgets) 


Just say No… to debt

The travel community and the “get out of debt, be financially independent” folks seem to intertwine. At their core, they’re both looking for more time and freedom and there is no beast we willingly let clip our wings more than debt. Everyone has their own comfort levels and this is not a pointing finger, but if you feel like us and would rather have the freedom and time to invest in things that mean more to you than the status of stuff, then these blogs might help you get a grasp on where to stop the hemorrhaging.

Man Vs. Debt

Get rich slowly

Mr. Money Mustache

How Me & Noah Saved to Travel

Reddit's R / Financial Independence


A Life Re-designed

These blogs aren’t entirely specific to to travel but yes, there’s some of that in here too. These blogs are more about making a switch from the status-quo to leading a more fulfilling existence, or whatever that means to you.

The Art of Non-Conformity

Tim Ferriss’ Blog

Books / E-books

We’ve spent hours sitting in the park and reading each other passages from these books. They’ve opened up more options and got our creative juices flowing. If you’re looking for an action plan, this is it.

Tim Ferriss: The 4 hour work-week 

Married with Luggage: Dream. Save. Do.

Wandering Earl: How to live a life of Travel 

Rolf Potts: Vagabonding: The Uncommon guide to long-term travel (if you read only one thing, make it this.)


Video’s that made us go Hmm…

Adam Baker TEDx Talk: Sell your crap. Pay your debt. Do what you love.

Nigel Marsh TED Talk: How to make work-life balance work

“I’m Fine, Thanks” documentary: Trailer and full movie here


Blogs we Love

“Campsite by nightfall” – Sahara Desert picture from AZ Traveling.

“Campsite by nightfall” – Sahara Desert picture from AZ Traveling.

These are the people who have bravely took the plunge and got us out on the road. We have gotten lost in their adventures, their photographs and extensive information on how to make this dream a reality. 

I wasn’t exaggerating when I mentioned there were literally thousands (quite possibly hundreds of thousands) of people from all walks of life that have embraced the long-term nomadic lifestyle and have their own travel blog. If you’re anything like me, it’s information overload and it can be overwhelming, but if you like lists, then here are the Top 100 most popular travel blogs. It’s sorted by an internet ranking points thingie that I don’t understand. 

But… if you’re curious to know what blogs in particular we kept/keep following then below is our “Campy Approved” list as well as the link to the particular adventure that got us hooked. Enjoy!

  • 525,600 Minutes: Molly in Haiti – This beautiful soul is Molly Hightower. I never had the pleasure of knowing her but I’m grateful to have known and worked alongside her brother and father whom I admire very much. When this blog goes live, I will no longer work for this company so you can be certain that I’m being 100% because I’m not even getting paid to say that (Love ya Mike!) She didn’t know it at the time, but Molly is a teacher and I have become her student. Her actions reawakened my servant’s heart and with each beat I silenced the distractions, the static and I was able and see more clearly and listened to what I was called to do… so here I am. Molly no longer walks this earth, but her ripple is still being felt today as more than 180,000 Haitians are walking in a pair of shoes she started to collect for them. I will never forget her.
  • Expert Vagabond – Operation Gringo Revenge: Tracking my stolen laptop in Panama
  • Round We Go – The African Predicament: Campervan in Namibia

Videos We Love

Much like the Blogs We Love , these people have also made the jump from talk to travel but we didn’t read about it, we watched them do their thing and it pushed us ever closer to packing our bags…

 Mongolia: Gers Gone Wild (15 part series)

Emil (AKA: Monkeetime) is our travel hero and has the BEST travel videos of anyone we’ve ever come across. We’ve never laughed harder or learned more. Subscribe to his YouTube channel and watch every one of them (especially North Korea, India and Indonesia). You won’t regret i