We’ve moved in our start date again. This is becoming a trend…

This October – November we’re going to live in Mexico! Playa Del Carmen to be exact. Tickets purchased, apartment paid for (100 meters from the beach scene above… pinch us.) and now we just need to tell our familia!

I’m officially addicted to how me and Noah’s conversations are turning into turn real life scenarios. We’ve always had conceptual ideas but they never got beyond the talk. Through this journey, we’re learning that when you declare something it carries a whole new weight to it and the statements you make out loud to someone you love are not little, not to be laughed at or forgotten about. If you’ve ever found yourself saying something like:

“Wouldn’t it be great if…?”

“What if we…?”

“Ya’know, I’ve always wanted to…”

You my friend, have just vomited your heart’s desire!

Beautiful isn’t it?

Embrace it, build off it and use that vomit desire as a foundation to something bigger or better! If you don’t get the reaction you wanted or are met with a blank stare then don’t shy away and bury it in your emotional graveyard, tell someone else – or tell me! I love to hear a good idea! The more exotic and “no way could I do that” you feel it is, the better!

Another tell-tale sign of your heart’s desire is if you get physically excited about the mere thought of itLet’s say you’re going out for a walk  with your dog and an image creeps up into your grey matter. It’s an image of you, and you’re [insert deep seeded “crazy” accomplishment here] and next thing you know, you’re smiling ear to ear. Your body gets warm and you feel a tingling in the back your your neck. You pick up your dogs poop in a plastic bag and the warm n’ fuzzies just won’t leave. You’ve been hit! If that thought is the most rewarding experience of your whole day then imagine living it… like for reals! Run. With. It. Stepping outside of our comfort zones has easily been the most rewarding adventure we’ve pursued in our 12 years together, and if we can do it, so can you!

We’ve even gotten into the habit of one-upping our ideas. Here’s our recent out of comfort-zone scenario:

2 weeks ago I heart vomited, “What if we quit our jobs even earlier and take that time to drive around Washington?” Noah one upped me and said, ” Well, what if we quit early but go to Mexico?”


Washington beach (top) vs. Mexico beach (bottom)

Noah wins.

So here we are again. I felt this excitement when we bought our tickets to Hawaii, Thailand and now Mexico. I’m having way too much fun with this! No apologies.