Before I convinced Noah to hit the road, I myself had to be convinced. The dream has always been there but it was buried deep long ago, it was just too romantic, too childish and “irresponsible” to give it much thought. Before I said yes, that white-sandy beach was just my computer desktop and because I have mild scoliosis / shortening of my shoulder muscles (read that as: effed up back and shoulders) it’s my constant fear that it will only get worse and more painful over time. Every night my prayers went something like this:  ”Dear God, if it is your will,  please help me & Noah to take care of our bodies so that we can travel the world together when we’re older”.

The unknown was scary, looming and large so I did what any other 21st century person did and hit the www (aptly named WORLD-WIDE-WEB) for answers. With all these resources at my fingertips, all the excuses & fears we had were stripped away. The statements that were made in the privacy of our home were addressed verbatim by many others  that jumped before us. There is strength in numbers and because they told their story, we knew we could muster the courage too. I know what me & Noah are doing isn’t for everyone but if it is and long term travelling sounds right up your alley, then I hope some of the resources below put you on a path you never imagined possible. You are not alone, so what excuses are you holding on to?

Let me break it down to you Batman (circa Adam West) fight scene style. Hopefully it will knock some *OOFSPLERSH* into you.

“I / We don’t have enough money”


“Taking time off  to travel would be career suicide!”


“I’m a single woman”


“I’m a single man”


“We have children”


“We have 12 children”


“I’m a single mother”


“I’m a single father”


“I’m a / We’re Lesbian”


“I am / We’re Gay”


“I’m too old”


“I can’t afford to retire”


“I’m too young”


“I’m in a wheelchair”


I could go on and on but the point of this exercise it that for every single excuse you could come up with to NOT do something, you should type said excuse into a search engine toolbar. Like me, I am willing to bet that you will uncover an entire worldwide community that overcame those exact fears and struggles (and more!). Their achievements into a life I had only once dreamed of living admittedly pissed me off at first. I typed those excuses in hoping to validate my fears but they were there to prove me wrong. After I was done being defensive I realized that I had to own my own unhappiness. It’s not up to Noah, my family or the world to entertain me and make things good.  I felt that shift in myself, and little voice that I shut up with food, sarcasm and selective amnesia was now BOOMING in my ears. For once, I wasn’t going to be jealous and blame something else. For the first time, I was going to actually do something about it and listen. I had the answer all along but I was looking for permission to unleash it.

My single wish for you is this: if you’re in a rut, restless, unhappy, confused, etc. I hope that just once you experience that internal shift. Be still, listen to what you already know to be true.  Everyone has their own threshold but you’ll know when you’ve had enough of going through the motions.

It’s OK to indulge in that dream that you or someone along the way told you you had to wait for, if you’re looking for permission, then this is it.

Now go get it!