Lastnight we bought our one-way tickets to Kona!!!!

We now have a date and a point of no return. December 10th, 2013.

The day before this was just an ordinary day. That is, until I read thispost and sent it to Noah like I’ve been doing for the past 3 years.

His response:

Wow…. are we there yet? Reading stuff like this makes me feel like leaving much much earlier. Amazing post.

and so the back and forth began. Originally, our plan was to leave March 2014 but reading about other people’s adventures has become almost unbearable. Also, it’s winter here in Washington. The gloom and darkness has been seeping into our souls so a very serious but short discussion about moving in our date from 1 year 20 days, to 10 months was almost inevitable. I’m not sure why I chose to look at flights in December but I’m getting good at listening to that little voice and that’s what it said. The price felt good and in a very poetic manner my husband said,

Fuck it. Let’s just do it.

I love this man.

So here we are, with plane tickets to our first destination and a date. Next comes the task of informing our family, finding a foster or permanent home for our Ninja (ugh), selling the rest of  our crap, vaccinations,  getting gear, visas…. we have so much to do. Really difficult talks and tasks are ahead and yet I’m Buddha chill. For years I’ve tossed and turned and slept in 3-4 hour increments. Last night I slept a full 8 and today I feel like I can take on the world. Get some.

Starting our journey on the Big Island is very symbolic and a big deal to me, this is really where it all began and besides, I’ve done this all before. This is strangely becoming déjà vu as I mock the steps my parent’s took in 1994. I’ve been “homeless” before, said goodbye to the family pet before, my family, my friends, everything I ever knew! But in return of letting go, I was blessed with experiences on that island that shaped my entire identity.

I vividly remember the day we said good-bye to our car and blue shipping container at the Port of Seattle. Me & my sister shouted, “We’re homeless!” to everyone walking by and we all laughed and drank in the reality of the situation. It would take weeks for our stuff to get to Hawaii but I remember not caring if I ever saw my clothes, toys or things again.  We were Free! The feeling was electric and I realize I’ve been chasing it ever since.  Our family was on an adventure and this experience, this moment together was all that mattered. At 12, I learned that stuff was not my security, my family was. As long as we had each other we could do anything. Looking back, I have never been more proud of my parents. They worked their asses off to follow this, this thing… they pushed on in the face of uncertainty, fear, doubt and guilt-trips and even today I’m not sure of all the reasons that drove my Dad to that island but I don’t need to know. I understand it in my own way.

“Bye, Bye, blue box!”  – Timberlane, WA

They took the child from Timberlane, Washington – the land of pine needles, moss, rainy-grey days and lots of Nintendo and took her to Paradise. While living in Hawaii…

I experienced first  “love” (R.I.P. Keoki Ahuna)

I watched humpback whales jump out of the water.

I bathed in waterfalls & natural volcanic hot springs.

I dug up antique bottles in the gulches with my family.

I  ran with a wild horse and her baby in Waipio Valley.

I watched surfers catch 40ft waves during a hurricane.

I swam with sea turtles and the most colorful fish I’ve ever seen.

I didn’t wear shoes for years (I still refuse to wear socks to this day)

I owned my own horse and had 5 acres of land! (Miss you Freckles)

After school our Grandpa took us to white sand beaches to play in the surf.

Kalopa State Park was literally my backyard. (100 acres of a tropical rainforest = a lot of secret forts)

My entire 6th grade class spent 4 days exploring an active volcano (K.O.E.C 4 lyfe!)

I picked fresh mangoes and mountain apples with my cousins (Hi Kealoha &  Kamalu!)

The food, people, history, music, aloha spirit and so much more happened to me in those years than the previous 12! I was such a long way from Timberlane and the Nintendo collected dust. I was exposed to an alternate reality and worshiped the sun. The saying goes, “Home is where your heart is” and I left mine on the Big Island a long, long time ago.

Here we are waiting for the plane to Hawaii. My sister’s face says it all. – Seattle, Wa

Here we go! Hard goodbyes, excitement and fear. I had no idea what was next… – Seattle, WA

This was next:  Me, my sister & our friend Rochelle. Fun in the sun! – Spencer Beach Park, Big Island

During my time in paradise, I was also exposed to my parent’s entrepreneurial spirit. There were no jobs on that isolated rock (especially pre-internet) so my parent’s created their own. Born from their passions, my parent’s opened an Antique Store “The Treasure Shop” in the small town of Honokaa. My Dad and Grandpa started another business and seized the opportunity to start collecting trash house to house with “Hamakua Rubbish Company”. This was a foreign concept since everyone just took their own trash (“rubbish”) to the dump themselves and people threw away precious antiques constantly. I was in awe of my parents. I didn’t know that you could turn something you loved to do in your off time into a full-time business, to have an idea and make it real. To have the balls to even try it at all! *grunts* we are the Medeiros Family - we stake our claim and carve our own path! This is our land and we it’s people. *end grunt*

I wish I could say blood, sweat and tears equals a happy ending but sadly, after a few years of  slow business, the insane cost of living in paradise, the inconvenience of driving an hour away to go grocery shopping and such…we moved back to Washington state. To say that I was angry would be a huge understatement. Not to be overly dramatic but there is a reason that Dorothy’s Kansas was in sepia tone and when she stepped out into Oz it went full rainbow. It was a visual representation of new places and experiences beyond the farm and her wildest dreams. Hawaii was my Oz and here I was back in the grey predictability

Now that I’m over feeling sorry for myself (20 years later),  I’m sorry Mom & Dad that I was so difficult during those times. My heart was broken and in true Medeiros fashion when we’re hurt, we get mean. I know you tried your hardest and had to yetagain make difficult decisions for our family, sell our things again, say goodbye to our animals again,  our family & friends again but know that those experiences were not in vain. Me & Erin were able to connect to our Hawaiian heritage through total cultural immersion and we found our place in the sun. I can’t begin to tell you how comforting it is to know that there is a place in this world where we’ll always belong, a place I can feel 100% true Lynn. My power of choice was strengthened because you (unknowingly) showed me how to do it first. Before you Mom & Dad, I had no idea such a haunting place existed and now we get to share it with Eliott, and if I ever have children I will share it with them and so on… and that’s what the Island wants. She calls all her people back but it took courage to listen and answer her… many Mahalos from the bottom of my now full heart for making that leap of faith.

Together again, 15 years later. Me, Erin and Rochelle. The Nintendo hoodie is mine. – Honokaa, HI

So, finally sharing my island with Noah and using this place as the jumping off point to new experiences in the world means a lot to me. For the past year, to keep the momentum and our spirits high, we’ve used the imagery of what we’ll do the first night we arrive and it looks like this: We drop our backpacks off at my Grandparent’s house, we find a quiet slice of beach, hold hands, and watch the sun go down. As we look out over the water, we’ll try to let reality sink in. This isn’t a 2 week vacation… this is our life. We did it. After 3 years of actively dreaming, planning and saving – We are Free! We looked doubt and fear right in it’s stupid face and flipped it the bird because together we can do anything. We’re finally time-rich. We are ready. *grunts*We are The Camps - we stake our claim and carve our own path! This is our world and we it’s people. *end grunt*

Hmm. I guess I should call my grandparents in Hawaii and ask if we can crash there…

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