We just purchased our tickets to Thailand!

Come January 7th 2014 we’ll be stepping off the plane into “The Land of Smiles”. This will officially be our very first (now second, since we decided to go to Mexico first) country outside of the U.S. (We have an hour layover in Taipei but that doesn’t count. does it?) and this haunting land will serve as the bridge to our new life as modern day vagabonds. Since all of our exposure to Thailand has come from things we’ve seen in pop culture we’re so excited to experience this ancient and beautiful culture first hand.

I can’t begin to tell you how many times growing up I watched “The King and I” (I’m a sucker for a musicals) and imagined myself walking the palace grounds, and counting the golden Buddhas. Now that I think about it… my mind is infinite and can dream up whatever it wants but I didn’t even occur to me to imagine myself as the main character Anna! I just wanted to be an observer/slave apparently if it meant I had some slave off-time and could walk around a temple. I was that serious about just being there.

So here’s to no more second-hand experiences from musicals, video games or watching Kickboxer and Ong-bak anymore! We’re going to make our own memories and have our own stories to tell.  Needless to say, we’re stoked and one step closer to making our dream a reality.

I’ve learned all my dance moves from this scene. Watch out Bangkok, I’m coming for you in 6 months, 4 days…