We are Lynn & Noah Camp. A 30 something married couple from Tacoma, Washington U.S.A.

In 2010, we felt like something was missing in our lives. An ache for adventure that couldn't be satisfied by more possessions so we asked ourselves:

"What would we do if we weren't afraid?"

Within that question, we found our answer: we're here now, we're healthy now and we're not guaranteed any moment except for right now so with that in mind: we saved. sold our stuff, clawed our way out of debt, quit our jobs and on October 21, 2013 we hit the road and we've been having an adventure of a lifetime ever since!

What we're doing is not unique. We're out here now because so many others have come before us and given us the strength to take this leap, but what we can bring to the world that is uniquely us is telling you our story and sharing with you our honest experiences. This same philosophy drips down into our work and it's our hope that we can inspire you to live the life you want. So let me ask you now,

"What would you do if you weren't afraid?"

This is our story, our legacy and our life's purpose 

 Join us and tell us your story!  


Fun Facts about Us

  • We met and fell in love in 2001 at the music store we were both working at
  • Noah's first job was at a Tropical Fish & Oak Furniture store (yes, they sold both fish and furniture)
  • Lynn can rap both the male and female parts to Positive K - I Got A Man 
  • Noah grew his beard out of laziness, but now Lynn won't let him shave it
  • Lynn once surprised Noah by booking a private surfing lesson with his childhood hero Turtle from the 1987 movie North Shore at the actual North Shore of Oahu. We only stayed in Hawaii for the weekend since we had school and work on Monday. Noah caught his first wave. No regrets. 
  • We named our beagle Ninja but he was [ this close ] to being named "Jubei" after the anime Ninja Scroll
  • Noah worked as a full-time drummer in 'Top 40' bands before going back to school to get his Computer Science degree
  • Lynn lived in a small town in Hawaii and had a horse named 'Freckles'
  • We were married on April 21st, 2005 which is one day before Lynn's birthday so... double whammy if Noah forgets either of these dates!
  • Noah can be seen (and heard!) as one of the drummers from "The Band" in this scene from the movie '10 Things I Hate about You'
  • We once drove from WA to Los Angeles in 18 hours with no real plans of where to go or where to stay. We only had a Sting, Erykah Badu and Steely Dan CD in the car
    October 21 2013 - The first time we ever left the U.S and the beginning of the adventure!

    October 21 2013 - The first time we ever left the U.S and the beginning of the adventure!


Once upon a time...